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how to identify teak wood furniture

by Bharadwaj Satish 05 Sep 2016 4 Comments

Teak Wood Furniture is well sought after by people all over the world.

Have you ever wondered what is so special about teak wood that it is in high demand globally? This hub tries to explore the qualities of teak wood and how to identify original teak wood furniture.

Teak tree is a tropical hardwood tree classified under the family Verbenaceae. The tree grows for up to 30 -40 m and lives for around hundred years.

The older the tree betters the quality of its wood.

The wood of teak tree is hard, very strong and can withstand the weather changes. For example, in the face of high winds, the teak tree bends but not breaks.

Its heartwood contains typical oil that protects the wood from the attack of fungi, bacteria and other insects.


Quality of Teak Wood

  • The teak wood is tough and durable
  • It has got solid and elastic fibers
  • It can be easily cut and made into attractive pieces of furniture with different designs.
  • It is resistant to all kinds of weather
  • It is resistant to decay and repels insects and fungi

The colour of teak wood furniture is golden yellow with dark streaks when it is new. The colour of the furniture can become darker on prolonged exposure to air. That means older pieces of teak wood furniture may not have the bright golden yellow colour. They may look darker.

The trees grow at different rates during different seasons. This growth pattern of the trees is reflected in the growth rings which will appear as lighter and darker lines when the wood is cut. On a cut piece of wood, this is known as the grain. Teak has a very attractive straight grain.

Teak wood can also be made out distinctly by touching. If you rub your hands on the wood, it does not splinter. It is very smooth to touch. The furniture will not chip at the edges and snag clothes.

When original teak wood is left open and out in the sun, it changes its colour to grey or silver grey.

Teak is a very dense wood. So the furniture made out of teak is heavy and robust.

Teak wood furniture will have a very light and distinct fragrance.

Because of the high demand for teak wood furniture, it is usually highly priced.

The high price of the furniture cannot always be taken as the yardstick for identifying.

Sometimes lower quality furniture is polished and overpriced so that it will be misinterpreted as teak wood.

The furniture made from a single piece of wood will have longevity than furniture made from small pieces glued together. Because of the oil content of the teak wood, gluing of small pieces may not last whereas the wood does not corrode the nails made of iron and steel.

Teak wood is widely used in making outdoor furniture, park benches and pool benches because of its ability to withstand weather conditions.

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12 Sep 2021 Arun Kumar Chandel

What is the difference between are teak wood or Indus teak wood specialy in case of furniture which one is best

16 May 2021 A. Sekar

Teak wood grade A, B, C, d

16 May 2021 Avinash

You can original teak wood furniture online from, They are the leaders in world-class customised teak wood furniture in India. They ship to all major cities in India.

16 May 2021 Bharat

How to order real teakwood furniture in India.? Is teak wood furniture more expensive than other cheap solid wood furniture like sheesham wood furniture, rubber wood furniture, mango wood furniture etc?

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