About Us

Timbercraft.in is conceptualized to make quality custom-made wooden furniture available easily. Good quality & affordable are two words which are rarely used together. At Timbercraft, our sole mission is to provide best quality furniture to every individual at very affordable prices.

Perfect fit for every room: To make a perfect home it requires proper use of space and your personal touch that turns a layout into your dream home.

Designing your home requires knowing your space and utilize it well. To begin with, you need furniture that is made to your specific dimension, so that, each piece of furniture fits in your room in the space you decided. At TimberCraft you design your space according to your vision. Our furniture is made to your specific dimensions; you get to choose the size, stain color, etc. For more information on the customization of an item, please contact us today! 

A handcrafted process: When you purchase teak wood furniture from TimberCraft, it's going to look gorgeous in your home. Why? Because each teak wood furniture is made to your specifications that fits perfectly.

Our furniture is handmade by the expert craftsmen using traditional joinery and every piece is built to last. Our quality is best in the industry, and that means this furniture will be a beautiful addition to your home today and for many years to come.

Why Teak Wood?

Teak has a very distinctive appearance: it has an open texture and a slightly oily feel. The color ranges from a lighter yellow-brown to a deep golden brown. It is extremely strong and durable, and any teak piece will have a beautiful and unique look. Please note that custom-made furniture is made to order. If you like anything from our website as it is; you can place the order online directly.

A solid wood Teak piece has gravitas, durability, and class. It’s a furniture purchase for life. We would love you to view our range of solid Teak tables, cabinets and more. The perfect piece could be waiting for you right now.

Every piece of furniture is hand finished with some minor imperfections which are only to be considered as part and character of this real wood furniture. 

Why Timber Craft?

Timber Craft was established in 2009 as a privately owned company specializing in the design and manufacture of high-quality home and commercial furniture. Being a manufacturer and retailer, with in-house design and research facilities. Timbercraft has a reputation for providing solutions tailored to suit client’s specific needs. We take pride in having built good working relationships with our clients".

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