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  • Advantages Of Wooden Furniture

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    There is no household area that doesn’t suit the warmth, richness, comfort, and finesse of wooden furniture. Tables, chairs, bed frames, shelves, chests of drawers, cupboards and even ornaments—the advantages of wooden furniture in the home cannot be overstated. Most of all, wood offers a unique combination of aesthetic appeal and peerless structural integrity that other materials can’t reflect.

    As part of a nature-connected interior design, wood can transform the mood of a room or entire house, creating a homely, welcoming feel and a truly 'organic' sense. It’s also not a fad—this material and has been used for furniture construction for generations upon generations, and as such offers a timeless quality that cannot be replicated.

    All the reasons why using wood is the best choice for furniture would make a long and detailed list, but here are some of the principal ways any furniture scheme can benefit from incorporating a wooden touch.

    Strength and durability

    Wood is, of course, a long-lasting and robust material and is the perfect choice for anyone looking for longevity from their furniture. Whether you opt for hardwood or softwood, there is an innate stability and reliability to a well-made wooden chair or desk.

    This durability ensures that wooden furniture offers excellent value for money—and should you ever want to sell a piece, solidly made, well-looked-after furniture can maintain its value over the years.

    Durability also ensures easy maintenance. Waxing, polishing, and oiling only needs to be carried out occasionally and is an undemanding process.

    Look and feel

    As mentioned, wood can add a certain dignity and charm to any room, whether it be lighter-colored wood or rich darker hues. And when crafted by a skilled artisan, there is boundless potential for design innovation to bring further aesthetic allure to a piece of furniture.

    Wooden furniture can also go a long way to creating a sense of the natural world indoors. If you live in a high-density apartment block in a city, you may wish to foster a sense of nature in your living space. Wood is the perfect way to achieve this, through both its wide-ranging colour spectrum, and the fascinating patterns of grains and fibers. Wood can also immediately bring warmth to otherwise sterile surroundings.


    When responsibly sourced and certified, wood represents an excellent option for sustainability and is thus an ecologically sound way of furnishing a home.

    Another way wood is a sustainable option is that it gives you the opportunity to 'buy local' from specialised artisans in your community. This gives you the chance to not only support the local timber industry, but also the local economy.


    The vast range of colours and tones of wood means that plenty of variety is available for style and look. And this is not to mention the subtle but noticeable differences between the grains and textures of different species and cuts.

    Beyond the actual material, there is a further variety available in that every furniture maker – particularly if you are buying from an individual craftsman – offers a different slant on design according to what type of furniture is being constructed, along with personal tastes (yours and theirs). There is little uniformity when it comes to wooden furniture, and certainly, scope to get creative design-wise to ensure a one-of-a-kind piece.


    Unlike many other materials, wood looks good in pretty much any setting. Wooden furniture can be a part of any design scheme, be it modern or rustic, and different species will blend together tastefully within one room or house. You might consider teak wood for a large dining table and pine for a dresser: either way, these wooden tones bring a seamless grace to any home.

    And of course, its versatility extends to the outdoors. When treated with oils to withstand exposure to the elements, furniture made of timbers—such as teak and treated pine—can look wonderful in the garden or on a veranda.

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  • Things You Need To Know About Teak Furniture

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    Teak is a popular wood with furniture makers and buyers across the world. Once heavily used, the deforestation of teak is now strictly controlled to ensure a continued and rejuvenated supply of wood. What is it that makes teak so desirable? 

    1. Strength

    Teak is a hard wood. It is strong and durable, able to withstand extremes of heat and cold. Whilst this makes it excellent wood for outdoor furniture, it also means that it can provide a lifetime and more of use indoors. It’s durability means that it is unlikely to suffer from rotting or many other afflictions that can attack other woods. Using the right type of teak – good quality wood with high quantities of oil and rubber – can result in beautiful pieces of furniture that can take whatever your home and throw at them.

    2. Beauty

    The colour and grain of teak wood makes it one of the most attractive to furniture makers and home owners. Whilst outdoor teak furniture can be left to the elements and become an elegant silver-grey colour, teak used for indoor purposes is often oiled to retain its warm golden colour. Its strength is a real plus-point for furniture designers, who can produced a range of pieces that may not be viable using other, softer woods, which often means that you have a wider range of choice in teak furniture than in many other woods.

    3. Adaptability

    The natural benefits of teak; strength, durability, warm colour, resistance to termites or other damaging elements, make it an extremely adaptable wood. Its water-resistant properties and tendency not to splinter easily made it a favourite for shipbuilders for hundreds of years and it has since been used for a wide range of both indoor and outdoor furniture. From large dining room tables to elegant cabinets and patio furniture, teak has the flexibility that many furniture makers are looking for today. Outdoor Teak Furniture - Important Facts When Buying

    One of the biggest logical considerations for buyers of deck or patio furniture is price. Most of us cannot simply go out and buy the biggest and best outdoor patio furniture without serious financial consequences. Still, while pricing is always a huge factor in any deck furniture purchase decision—it should never be the only thing considered. The value that you get for your money is really just as important as the amount you spend. If you take the time to calculate the true value of any furniture purchase, then the initial price will not be a true indication of the quality and usefulness.

    So how does one go about assessing value on premium outdoor teak furniture? One critical component to any valuation of furniture is its durability. After all, if a patio set only lasts one season then it certainly has little value and is most likely not worth the time and effort it takes to go out and purchase the furniture. Premium outdoor teak furniture is not made to be used for a season or two and then discarded.

    The durability of teak wood is world renown and it has been used to construct ship railings and similar products because it can stand up to the elements—especially rain—year after year. Teak wood originates in Southeast Asia and takes nearly 4 decades to reach maturity and a stage where it can be used to make furniture and other fine products. The oil content of teak is very high and helps give the wood its weather-resistant qualities. Because of this high oil concentration within the wood itself, teak outdoor furniture can literally be left outside season after season with little to no care. It is very possible that a premium outdoor teak furniture set will be the very last set of exterior furnishings you ever buy—the quality is that good!

    Aside from durability, the other critical component in any value estimate of teak furniture is its beauty. After all, a chair made from stainless steel would undoubtedly last for years and years outdoors without any signs of wear but that does not mean any of us would want metallic deck furniture! Fortunately, outdoor teak furniture is made with a golden brown hue that fades to a grayish silver patina as the years roll by giving the furniture a stately and refined look.

    Beautiful, highly durable, and designed with comfort in mind, premium outdoor teak furniture is a very valuable investment and will bring you and your family bountiful returns for years to come.

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  • Teak Wood Furniture - Best Outdoor And Indoor Furniture

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    Natural wood furniture brings beauty to any home or patio. With its durable properties, natural beauty that comes in so many incredible colors, hardwood outdoor furniture is the only way to go.

    For those who are considering furnishings for outdoor patios, the best option is teak hardwood. Teak has a beautiful honey-colored finish and is one of the most luscious and beautiful hardwoods available when it comes to outdoor furniture. And let’s face it, purchasing outdoor furniture is an investment, and the goal of any investment is to get the most out of that investment over time.

    Teak wood is a little more expensive than other types of hardwoods, but there is a good reason for that. It is one of the most elegant and sturdy, resilient and durable hardwoods available on the planet.

    So what is teakwood?

    Teakwood is a beautiful tropical hardwood that comes from the Lamiaceae variety of trees, its formal name is Tectona Grandis. These trees are commonly found in mixed hardwood forests in places like Malaysia, India, and Indonesia as well as being cultivated and naturalized in countries in Africa and the Caribbean. The teak smells like leather when it has been newly milled, and its water resistance and durability make it the perfect wood for furniture, especially outdoor furniture.

    Which is probably why it was used extensively for building ships by the Dutch just around the seventh century after they colonized Indonesia. Aside from being water resistant is highly resistant to dry-rot.

    The teak’s heartwoods have a brownish-red color (think honey) that darkens a bit with age and the sapwood or the soft outer layers which are between the bark and the heartwood has a yellowish-brown to wheatish color. Because it has some unusual properties, like not being prone to shrinking that can be caused by exposure to changes in moisture, it is one of the finest woods for framing, planking, and other timber structures.

    It is also incredibly easy to work with which makes it perfect for crafting some of the most amazing furniture pieces. In fact, back in the seventh century, it was the top wood used by the wealthy and powerful to build, decorate and furnish their lavish homes.

    The best hardwood furniture crafted from teak comes from the matured trees, which means it can take about 80 years before a newly planted teak tree is ready to be harvested for its wood. For this reason, plantation grown teak is what is most commonly used to make all the beautiful teakwood furniture. Teak tree plantations were started and every tree that is cut down is immediately replaced with a newly planted tree.

    Also since it can take close to 80 years before the teak tree is mature, old teak is very often salvaged from older structures set to be torn down and given newfound life by being crafted into furniture. Just another example of just how durable and long lasting teak wood truly is.

    There are several great reasons for purchasing teak wood outdoor furniture. It is incredibly weather resistant and has the ability to stand up to all kind of weather. Because it is one of the very few woods that contain natural oils that actually repel water, furniture made of this tropical wood are highly resistant to cracking, warping or becoming brittle over time.

    Teak outdoor furniture withstands the harshest effects of severe winter snow, hard rains and even the extreme heat of the sun during the summer months. This beautiful hardwood stays strong throughout every imaginable weather condition. In fact, most of the luxury ski lodges around the world have teakwood outdoor furniture because it has long-lasting beauty and durability.

    If you live in an area where outdoor pests and bugs are a concern, teak is the perfect choice for your outdoor furniture because it is pest resistant! Those wonderful natural oils and resins that help to protect the wood from weather also repel pests like marine borers and termites. It creates beautiful outdoor furniture that termites will reject for their source of food.

    Teakwood furniture is incredibly low maintenance when it comes to things like having to paint or varnish. Again because of the wood’s high natural oil content, teak outdoor furniture will never look black or patchy because it fades to an evenly gleaming beautiful silvery color. This is one hardwood you don’t have to paint or varnish – ever! But if you do want to highlight its beauty and keep that showroom shine, natural teak oil can be purchased from a local hardware store and applied when desired.

    Tropical teakwood furniture will remain beautiful for a lifetime. When it is new it has that gorgeous honey-brown coloring and over time it ages naturally into having a luxurious gleaming grey color. Whether you decide to allow it to keep its aged grey sheen or you want to keep it looking like it did when you first bought it, the natural teak will compliment any outdoor space or patio with a touch of class.

    You also will not have to worry about rust from any of the metal fittings used to construct your teak outdoor furniture. Unlike other types of wood, teak won’t start to deteriorate or rust when it comes into contact with the metal. Just another fabulous reason to invest in some beautiful teakwood furniture for that outdoor setting.

    Unlike other types of outdoor furnishings made of wood, furniture crafted from the tropical teakwood will last a lifetime. Because it’s incredibly strong and durable it passes the test of time. You can find teak park benches in England that are centuries old that have been crafted from dismantled ships, which is a real provides some true to life evidence to the durability of this gorgeous hardwood. In fact, it’s probably the only outdoor furniture you can pass on to your grandchildren.

    Solid Grade A teak wood furniture is really the only choice if you are looking for long-lasting, durable and beautiful outdoor furniture. Why even consider anything else?

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  • Teak Wood Furniture - For Elegance and Longevity

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    Owning a home is a big accomplishment in one's life. However there are several other things which you need for making your home comfortable and beautiful for living. Home furniture is one of the most important things which bring elegance to inside and outdoor of your home. It is commonly used by people of all classes to add comfort and décor to their homes.

    Home furniture is available in wide range of sizes and shapes to suit all types of houses according to the latest trend and fashion. Furniture makers, with the help of professional designers, are making stylish, attractive and durable furniture using different types of wood and metals.

    Teak wood is a hardwood with beautiful golden or yellow color. It possesses natural property of resistance to damages. Teak wood produces natural resins and oils which prevent penetration of moisture inside and serve as good repellents against pests and insects which damage the furniture. Teak wood furniture is therefore more popular due to its durability, attractive texture and color.

    Teak wood furniture including teak table, teak chair, teak bench, teak chaise and sun loungers, and steamer chair can lend comfort and elegance to all your rooms, patio, garden and backyard.

    Teak table and teak chairs for indoor or outdoor use look beautiful in any setting. Teak table can be used as kitchen table or dining table for family meals and for hosting social dinners. Teak dining table is the best choice for outdoor dining because of durability of teak wood and property to retain luster and beauty in all sorts of climates. Teak table in square, rectangular, oval and round shape with or without extension in different sizes is functionally appealing and creates a good impression on guests.

    Teak chairs also last long and maintain their luster and attraction even after years of use. A best quality teak chair can be used both indoor and outdoor. You can get extensive range of teak chairs in different designs and shapes. Teak chair with arms or without arms, stackable or folding chair are some of the attractive designs which can provide extra seating in your living or dining room. In homes where family members dine together, stackable or folding teak chair can be stored easily.


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  • What is best quality teak wood ?

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    The quality of teak wood depends on the age tree from which it is cut.

    The best quality teak wood is grade A

    Grade_A_teak_logsTeak wood is separated into three grades based on the quality of the wood. These three grades are known simply as grades A, B, and C. When a teak tree is mature, it will have a very dense core at the center of the trunk that appears darker than the surrounding wood. This is called the “heartwood” of the tree. Heartwood from mature teak trees of over 30 [1] years old has a thick concentration of natural protective oil. Grade A teak is this mature heartwood, which is very dense, heavy, and saturated with natural oils that will protect anything made out of it from water damage and insects such as termites. Ideally, you want to look for furniture made from grade A teak.

    Grade B teak is simply the heartwood from immature trees. It still contains some of the protective oils, but it is not as dense as grade A. Furniture made from grade B teak is not terrible, but it will not hold up outside exposed to the elements as well as furniture made from grade A teak. The lowest grade of teak wood is grade C. It is just wood from the outer sections of the trunk that lacks the natural oils which make grade A teak such a superior wood. Grade C teak will be characterized by an uneven, lighter color with widely spaced grains.

    [1] Genuine Teak Wood Furniture In Hyderabad

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