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How To Choose a Teak Coffee Table ?

by Bharadwaj Satish 13 Aug 2016 0 Comments

A coffee table (sometimes called a cocktail table) is a long, low table often kept around sofas and comfortable chairs. As described, they are designed to a height for comfort of the person or people lounging on the sofa and generally used for placing drinks and snacks on. They are also used for easy storage of newspapers and magazines

Though low tables had been fashionable since the renaissance, they became popular in the Victorian era – possibly adopted from the tea table designs of the Ottomans. Today, with televisions, DVD and Blu Rays, and games consoles being the centre of our leisure activities, the coffee table is a staple in our living rooms – this is why it is so important to choose the right one for your home.

Things to Look For in a Coffee Table

Naturally, you will want the sort of coffee table that fits with the interior décor and design of your home. You also want something that will fit your lifestyle – not too high, not too short, maximising comfort for your weekends and lazy evenings watching the television – and of course not taking up too much room. Whether you like a rustic or modern style, the coffee table will see a lot of activity – more so than the dining table and the breakfast bar (if you have one). Because of its importance and amount of use, you should give serious consideration to purchasing a teak coffee table rather than any other type of wood.

Why Teak Coffee Tables?

Teak is highly durable and requires minimal care and attention – even the lowest quality teak is sturdy enough that it is recommended to keep it inside. Teak requires minimal care and attention – wiping it clean regularly and the occasional oiling is usually good enough – this is also recommended to remove scratches and other marks too. Inevitably you will spill tea and coffee onto the piece so to avoid staining it is important (as with any other type of wood) to wipe it up quickly. The higher grade the teak, the more durable it is and the less likely to stain. Tables made from higher quality wood can also be set outside for those long, summer evenings sipping tea in the garden.

Reclaimed teak coffee tables usually have a very attractive rustic look that is popular whether you live in an old country house or a modern build. Many London furniture shops carry teak coffee tables so you can examine and learn about the different grades of wood, manufacturing methods as well as investigate the type that will be best for your home.

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