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  • What is Sheesham wood?

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    What is Sheesham wood?

    Sheesham wood, also known as Indian Rosewood or Dalbergia sisso, is a deciduous tree, native to the Indian Subcontinent. After teak, it is the most important cultivated timber tree of the Punjab, which is the largest producer of Sheesham timber in Pakistan and India. Aside from timber supply, the tree is planted on roadsides, along canals and to provide welcome, natural shade for tea plantations.

    Why does Sheesham wood make good furniture?

    Sheesham wood has a beautiful irregular grain structure which is very distinctive in appearance and can be polished to a fine finish. The timber itself is strong and durable, maintaining its shape well during handling and construction. Given this strength and density, it is also an ideal material for decorative carvings and can be easily seasoned for future stability.

    At TimberCraft, we have been working directly with manufacturers in northern India for over a decade, specialising in Sheesham wood furniture. All our timber is sustainably sourced through Government-managed plantations. It is methodically kiln-dried and treated to protect its future stability before production begins. Each piece of TimberCraft's Sheesham furniture is crafted from both the dark heartwood and the lighter-coloured sapwood of the tree. A stain is selectively applied to obtain a consistent tone before the entire piece is waxed by hand to enhance its grain. As every piece of furniture is hand finished from an entirely natural product, variations in knots, grain detailing, mineral deposits and minor imperfections may sometimes occur. These are considered part of the uniqueness and charm of the furniture.

    An interesting fact!

    Aside from being used for furniture, Sheesham wood is often used to make Khartals – the hand-held percussion instrument used by traditional Rajasthani folk musicians.

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  • Indian Sheesham Wood Furniture

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    Indian Sheesham Wood Furniture:

    With the growth of the home interior design market and the rising demand for quality wooden furniture that is affordable, the Indian wooden furniture market has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years alone. Though most buyers look for good quality solid wood furniture in India, they also want furniture that is not exorbitantly priced. This has led to a rise in different types of wooden furniture for home interior design ideas in India. Sheesham wood is a popular choice for afford-ably priced furniture. Lots of manufacturers and stores make cheap Sheesham wood furniture as it is lower in cost when compared to Teak wood but is inferior in quality.

    Timbercraft is the best furniture shop in Hyderabad which manufacturer teak wood furniture.

    In today’s market, there is a wide range of solid Sheesham furniture that is available in a vast array of designs and styles; most Indian home interior design tips blogs and resources recommend Sheesham furniture for the home and finding Sheesham wood furniture online is not difficult either. The Indian Sheesham wood furniture market is steadily growing as, Sheesham wood is a hardy, strong and durable wood and its natural grain patterns make it beautiful. However, not everyone knows what Sheesham wood is or how to differentiate it from teak or mango wood. Read on to understand what Sheesham wood is, what are its strengths and benefits and how is it different from teak wood and mango wood.

    What is Sheesham wood?

    Indian Rosewood, or Sheesham wood as it is more commonly known, is a deciduous rosewood tree that is native to the Indian Sub-continent and Southern Iran. Primarily found growing around river banks at below 3, 000 feet of elevation, they can sometimes be found growing naturally at up to 4,300 feet of elevation.

    The classification of Sheesham tree can be traced to the Dalbergia genus. Rosewood, which comes from trees of the Dalbergia genus, refers to a number of richly hued timbers. Brownish in colour, rosewood has darker veining and rich grain patterns. Though colour varies depending on the species, all rosewoods are strong, heavy and highly durable. Sheesham, or the Indian rosewood, is known for its density, strength, natural rich grains, and longevity. The trees grow for as long as twenty-two years, and grow up to as much as thirty meters in height; the diameter of the trees can be as wide as one and a half meters. The Sheesham trees produce wood that is heavy and dense. Though Sheesham wood furniture is not stronger than teak and is a more affordable wood for furniture in India; making Sheesham wood a preferred timber for high-quality furniture. But, Sheesham furniture sold online and also offline is most often made of Sheesham Sapwood, which isn't recommended for durable furniture. 

    Sheesham wood seasons well and does not warp or split, making it a great choice for home interior design ideas for small spaces. Due to its durability, it is one of the timbers least susceptible to dry-wood termites; Sheesham wood also takes well to polish and finishes to a smooth surface. The well-defined grain pattern of Sheesham wood gives it unique colouring that makes each piece of Sheesham wood furniture unique and exquisite. Furniture stores everywhere keep Sheesham wood furniture in stock.

    How to care for Sheesham wood furniture

    Like any other wooden furniture, keeping your Sheesham furniture away from direct sunlight is a must. This helps to keep your furniture from losing its natural lustre and retains colour over longer periods of time; it also helps to avoid cracks and warping. Clean your Sheesham furniture with a damp cloth. Remember to wipe the surfaces in the direction of the grain. Use beeswax every three months to retain the sheen. Apply beeswax with a soft cloth, in the direction of the grain, and then buff with a soft and lint-free cloth. Ensure to stay away from any silicone-based polishes, sprays and waxes.


    Remember to use coasters or place-mats to avoid a watermark on wooden furniture. Cleaning stains off wood furniture are not all that difficult. In the case of accidental spills, wipe immediately with a soft cloth. If you find a stain that you had previously missed, use extra fine wire wool to rub gently in the direction of the grain. Then use beeswax to restore any scratches. Any other DIY natural wood furniture cleaner could also work. If you are unsure about how to make one, look for a wood furniture cleaner recipe online. You could also get hold of carpet and furniture cleaning machines; these can be used effortlessly and ensures that both your furniture and carpets are always clean.


    If you’re looking to place the pieces outside, remember to paint outdoor wood furniture. Choosing the best paint for outdoor furniture is not difficult; just remember to match it with the colours of your home’s exterior. Before painting wooden outdoor furniture, it is a good idea to use the primer before brush-on paint. Look up some tips on how to make wood furniture shine, and you’ll be left with beautiful and long-lasting furniture for a long, long time to come. Just look for a shabby chic dining furniture sale to find the perfect pieces for your garden décor.

    What is the difference between Teak wood and Sheesham wood?

    Both teak wood and Sheesham wood are varieties of hardwood; most hardwood trees are also deciduous in nature. A deciduous tree is a tree that loses its leaves annually. Hardwood trees are also slower to grow as most hardwood is dense. Teak wood is mainly native to India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Burma. However, because of the high demand for teak wood, it is also grown on plantations in Africa and the Caribbean.

    Teak wood has a smooth grain and texture, it is yellowish-brown in colour and has high tensile strength; Teak is also highly resistant to timber termites and other pests. Teak wood is commonly used to make furniture, indoor flooring, veneer, carving, turnings etc. Because of its high level of oil content, teak wood is resistant to water, mildew, fungi, and rot.

    Dining Set

    Sheesham is a type of rosewood and originates from trees that are deciduous in nature; Sheesham wood is classified as a hardwood. This species of trees are native to the Indian Sub-continent and Southern Iran. Sheesham wood is commonly used for making furniture, especially for cabinets as it doesn’t warp easily. The heartwood is highly resistant to dry wood termites, making it decay-resistant; Sheesham wood furniture is also a dense wood and is extremely durable. The heartwood of Sheesham varies from golden brown to deep reddish brown and the sapwood varies from white to a pale beige, which allows it a wide range of interesting textures and colours to make beautiful furniture from. Sheesham makes for cheap modern dining furniture, which is why many furniture designers look to Sheesham wood for contemporary dining room furniture ideas.

    Most living room furniture design ideas work as well for teak as they do for Sheesham wood, and it is likely that a furniture store in India will have both teak and Sheesham wood furniture. But, if you’re looking for affordable dining room furniture that is also durable and fashionable, Sheesham wood is the way to go. A furniture expo 2014 is probably a good idea – you can go try out various pieces and styles from multiple vendors and some offer great furniture bargains as well. You could also consider online shopping for furniture in India – the World Wide Web is just a large marketplace which gives you easy access to pieces from all over. An online home furniture store in India is likely to stock all kinds of pieces. Just be sure to check if they deliver to your area before you buy home furniture online in India.


    The best furniture brands in India would vouch for Sheesham wood. And though the furniture is a common use for Indian Sheesham wood, it is also used to make plywood and veneers. Sheesham wood is also used to make the Kartaal, a percussion instrument used by Rajasthani musicians in India.

    What is the difference between Mango wood and Sheesham wood?

    Originating from the Mangifera genus, Mango wood comes from the mango tree which is classified as a tropical hardwood, which is made from evergreen trees. Evergreen trees are trees that keep their leaves all year round, only shedding some leaves through the year. Though Mango wood comes from Southern Asia, it is believed to have originated in India. Like the Sheesham tree, mango trees grow to as tall as thirty meters in height and have a diameter of up to one and a half meters. As mango trees are fruit-bearing trees, they have long lives and are cut down only after the tree stops producing fruit. What would have otherwise gone to waste or used as fuel, is now being used for timber to make furniture, making the mango tree a highly environmentally friendly species?

    Mango wood is strong, durable and highly resistant to water, as any living room furniture designer will tell you. As Mango wood is not as heavy as Sheesham wood, many people prefer furniture made of Mango wood, especially when it comes to formal dining table furniture, because it is easier to manoeuvre; making the shifting of houses or rearranging furniture at home easier. As a wood, Mango wood is relatively hard and dense, even though it is classified as a hardwood. Mango wood has a unique grain pattern and merges a number of different colours and hues.

    Typically, Mango wood colour varies from light tan to dark brown, and sometimes carries hints of light pink, light green and dark green. Because of this, the wood looks good in its natural form and most furniture made of Mango wood tends to have distressed finishes that make for beautiful rustic looking pieces. As this wood is a relatively softer wood, most Mango wood furniture tends to have intricate designs and patterns as it is simpler to cut, shape and carves. However, the sapwood of the mango tree is highly susceptible to fungi and the wood must be properly treated.

    Entertainment Unit

    Sheesham trees are deciduous in nature. This means, that unlike the evergreen trees that have all their leaves all year round, deciduous trees lose all their leaves once a year during autumn. While the Sheesham tree grows to the same height and diameter of the mango tree, it is not a fruit-bearing tree and hence, not as environmentally sustainable as the mango tree. However, Sheesham wood is more dense and hard than Mango wood and has a high level of tolerance for fungi and dry-wood termites, unlike Mango wood that is very susceptible to fungi and pests. Due to its density and thickness, the most common form of furniture made is solid Sheesham furniture.

    Coffee Table

    There’s a significant difference between wood and wrought iron dining room furniture. Indian dining room furniture sets usually come with at least 4 chairs, if not 6, in order to accommodate larger families. Wrought iron furniture is likely to rust easily and the pieces are often very heavy, making movement difficult. It’s a good idea to check out family furniture reviews online before you make a decision.

    All of these factors make Sheesham wood furniture a favourite, not only among buyers but also among manufacturers and home interior design experts. You can find teak wood dining sets, dining tables, beds, coffee tables, entertainment units, and more furniture bargains online on Timbercraft Hyderabad, in a variety of styles and designs. Check out our collection for more.

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  • Wood and Furniture

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    Furniture is something that every home, office, restaurant etc. needs, to give it style and comfort. Furniture helps to add character and elegance to your place. One of the first things that guests notice when coming to your place is the style and quality of your furniture.

    Furniture is made from many materials like Iron, wood, Steel, Glass, Plywood also in combination of Wood & Iron, Wood & Steel, Wood & Metal etc but the furniture made of wood with Stain finish have always attracted the furniture lovers.

    Different types of Wood used in making Furniture

    It is very difficult to determine what kind of wood the furniture is made of if as it is not labeled. Many varieties of wood could be used to manufacture furniture. Some woods have always been favoured for their beauty, durability, and workability. Like in the old times furniture Rose wood, Furniture Teak-wood, was very popular but due lack of availability and high cost it is rarely used by common man.

    Before 19th century, most wooden furniture was made with woods like walnut, oak, mahogany, rosewood, fruit-woods, and wood veneers and inlays in American & European countries for manufacturing of furniture. American Colonial furniture was dependent on the availability of these woods. For this reason, pre-19th century furniture is almost always worth restoring. As these woods have become scarcer and more expensive.

    Now the furniture much appreciated by the furniture lovers is hand crafted wood furniture made of Indian Sheesham wood, Indian Mango Wood, Indian Acacia wood or Jali furniture with Iron Jali.

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