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What is the best wooden sleigh bed ?

16 Sep 2021 0 Comments

If you really want your wooden bed to stand out as the centerpiece of your bedroom, it may be time to upgrade to a sleigh bed. A sleigh bed is exactly what it sounds like -- its frame features a headboard and footboard that curves outward to resemble a sleigh. Some models don't feature any footboard, though, so they take up less space and work well for smaller bedrooms. Though a sleigh bed has a fairly grand appearance, it can work with a bunch of décor styles -- and because they come in a variety of sizes and materials, there's sure to be an option to fit any room.

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Considerations when choosing sleigh beds


When you're shopping for a sleigh bed, you want to be sure the individual parts are all well-made and feature a style that you like. The key components to consider are:

Headboard and footboard:

All sleigh beds feature a headboard that curves outward, and many also feature outwardly curved footboards. In most cases, the footboard is smaller than the headboard. Some sleigh beds have no footboard, though, which can work well in a small bedroom.


Some sleigh beds have simple peg feet, but you can find options with more decorative elements, too, such as scrolled, round, or cabriole feet. You may also want to look for a sleigh bed with nonslip felt or pads on the feet to keep your floor from getting scratched.


Sleigh beds can have an ornate frame or a more understated, simple frame. Some models include details like crown molding, carvings, or scrollwork. You can also find some frames that feature storage space, such as drawers.


Sleigh beds are available in all standard bed sizes, but not every specific design may come in every size. You'll find sleigh beds most often in master bedrooms, so king and queen are the most common sizes. Full sleigh beds are also available, though, and you can even find some twin-size options.

Some sleigh beds require a box spring to place the mattress on, while others feature slats in the frame that make a box spring unnecessary. If you go with an option that uses a box spring, though, be aware that you usually have to purchase the frame and box spring separately.


Sleigh beds are usually pretty large, so they don't come assembled. Some beds feature a pretty complicated assembly, which requires several hours of work -- and power tools -- to put together. You may want to have an expert to assemble that type of model, but there are some easy-to-assemble beds that you and a friend or family member can probably put together without any expertise.



Sleigh beds are made of several different materials:


is by far the most classic material used for sleigh bed frames. In particular, mahogany, walnut, pine, and cherry are used, though you can also find beds that use a combination of woods. Wood is a relatively low-maintenance material, but it does have a tendency to get scratched and can be pricey to repair.


is another popular material for sleigh beds. Some frames include a combo of metal and wood, but an all-metal bed is usually a more affordable option.


is usually the option for the most high-glam sleigh beds. They typically consist of a wooden or metal frame that's covered with a fabric like velvet or linen. Upholstered sleigh beds offer a truly striking look, but it can be challenging to keep the fabric clean.


While all sleigh beds have the same general look, there's some variation in design. Some beds are a trundle-style and feature a compartment, drawer, or even another mattress, so a second person can sleep beneath the bed. They can be an ideal option for a bedroom where you're trying to maximize space. You can also find sleigh bed styles for toddlers that convert as your child gets bigger. They have a removable rail, so once your little one is old enough to sleep safely without them, you can just take them off.



Q. What type of bedroom does a sleigh bed work best in?

A. Because sleigh beds are most commonly found in king and queen sizes and have such a dramatic presence, they're usually best for master bedrooms.

Q. Is a sleigh bed comfortable for tall individuals?

A. A sleigh bed can be comfortable even for tall sleepers, but it's usually best to choose a model without a footboard to be safe.

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