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What is good to know about wooden furniture ?

by Venkata Nischala G 01 May 2021 0 Comments

What is good to know about wooden furniture :

Whatever the matter is – interior design or various materials for making furniture – the fashion for this, however, like everything else, changes over time. But wooden furniture is not subject to either time or fashion whims.

What is the reason for this? Of course, the reason for people’s loyal love for wood lies in its aesthetic appeal and flexibility in processing, which made it possible to use wood as a material for creating various kinds of furniture products. At the same time, being a material of natural origin, wood contributes to creating a pleasant atmosphere and good mood, perfectly fitting into the most diverse interiors.

Wooden furniture

But it is not possible to produce furniture from any kind of wood. This is due to the fact that each variety has its own mechanical (we are talking about flexibility, density, etc.) and energy characteristics.

Wood species vary in density. Varieties are overly hard, hard and soft. So, to the last, soft, it is customary to attribute fir, linden, alder, chestnut, pine, spruce, juniper, cedar, poplar, willow. These grades are the most malleable, however, furniture made from them is less durable than created from hard varieties. Excellent wear resistance is characteristic of birch, oak, ash, elm, beech, maple, birch – dense varieties of wood. Even greater processing difficulty arises with white acacia, boxwood, pistachio tree, hornbeam, however, furniture made from trees of these varieties is incredibly durable.

It is noteworthy that being a natural conditioner, the tree is able to renew and even purify the air inside the house and perfectly maintain the optimum humidity level.

From time immemorial, the effect of the healing qualities of a tree has been appreciated by all peoples and our ancestors. Wood was used to create charms and amulets, which, according to the opinion of the time, had magical properties – they contributed to giving strength and relieving fatigue. This attitude to the tree is due to its ability to influence the aura of people, their energy. In terms of energy metabolism, it is believed that pine, oak, apple, ash, birch, cedar gives energy inherent, but aspen, alder, poplar and bird cherry, on the contrary, take away. All remaining breeds are considered neutral.

The energetic forces of the breed can influence a person, providing a healing effect. “Solve the problem” of relieving stress and increasing tone is subject to birch, can help in the treatment of ailments associated with the nervous system, can pine, help concentrate and increase activity – oak, to overcome bad habits and cleanse the body will help the apple tree, and cedar can be used as a magnificent disinfectant the drug.

It is generally accepted that furniture made from varieties of wood that takes energy is not suitable for homes – it can be dangerous both in terms of energy metabolism and in terms of harming human health.

The color of wooden furniture is worth choosing, taking into account individual preferences and the design of the entire room. However, you need to know that light furniture can make the interior lighter and warmer. It will look good in the interior of the bedroom and the nursery. Mahogany furniture, the color of which is exciting, awakens to action, is appropriate in the office, as an option – in the hallway. Featuring a noble and stylish look, dark furniture fits perfectly into the living room.

Concluding, it is worth touching on the issue of competent care of furniture made of wood. To remove dust and other contaminants from the surface, both varnished and polished, it is recommended to use only a flannel cloth, and from carved elements – a vacuum cleaner or a very soft brush. Application of special compositions based on beeswax will help to maintain furniture in good condition. This will provide reliable surface protection against various contaminants. The application of this composition should be carried out approximately once every six months, but at least.

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