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Teak Wood Beds with Storage

by Bharadwaj Satish 18 Apr 2020 0 Comments

Whether home is a minimalist studio flat or a packed-to-the-rafters house, storage space can be a precious commodity and something we never seem to have enough of.

Simply put, there will always be stuff to be stashed out of sight.

So, let’s salute the storage bed. This smart piece of bedroom furniture does two jobs for the price of one: it’s a place to sleep and a place to store everything from bed linen and wardrobe overspill to luggage and last winter’s woolly scarves.

A storage bed usually comes in one of two forms. Some have big, deep drawers on one or both sides of the base, whereas the ottoman style has storage space in the bed hollow below the mattress – the lift-up mechanism of these beds uses pistons to ensure easy opening and to prevent it from snapping shut unsafely.

But as practical and sensible as storage beds can be, comfort and aesthetics should still be a priority. As well as seeing how much stuff these clever beds could hold, we considered their shape and style when selecting the best buys. These are the storage beds that impressed us on both fronts.

Teak wood beds with storage: Teak wood storage beds are made from reclaimed new treated teak wood or reclaimed teak wood recovered from old buildings. When it comes to credentials, teak wood storage bed boasts a super-high base, a chunky headboard and features one drawer either side with a generous depth so that’s plenty of room for bulky belongings or stacks of bedding. The antique-look cup handles are a nice detail on the drawers and gave a solid grip when pulling out a heavy load. With these beds, there’s no self-assembly needed either as it gets installed on delivery. If you want more sleeping space, it comes in king or super king sizes too.

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