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  • Is sagwan wood better than other wood for making furniture?

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    Yes, you have heard the right thing. Sagwan wood is much better than ordinary wood, that's why it is used in costly furniture and interiors. This wood is also called teak wood .

    The different types of wood in India are legendary for the quality they add to the furniture. Though the styles and structure of furniture's have transformed over time, wood or timber remains the favorite among all the building materials.

    The handmade wooden furniture's endurance and high artistic value is well known throughout the world. Wooden furniture has always been a essential element for interior designers. The different types of wood in India which are commonly used for the quality and other properties.

    Below table consisting the different types of wood in India and their scientific names

    Different Types of Wood and Their Scientific Names

    Name Scientific Names
    Teak ( Sagwan wood ) Tectona Grandis
    Rose Wood Dalbergia Latifolia
    Satin Wood Chloroxylon Swietenia
    Sal Wood Shorea Robusta
    Sisoo Wood ( Sheesham wood ) Dalbergia Sissoo
    Marandi Wood Melia Azederach
    Mahogany Swietenia Macrophylla
    Mulberry Wood Morus Alba
    Deodar ( Pine wood ) Cedrus Deodara
    JackFruit Artocarpus Heterophyllu



    Teak (Tectona grandis) is considered to be the best type of wood to make furniture as it is highly fire resistant and durable. Teak is also one of the most expensive woods in India.

    It looks very attractive after polishing and will not get affected by white ants and dry rots. It does not shrink much and would not corrode metal fastenings. It is one of the most common types of wood and is for superior use only. It is found in central and southern India.

    Advantages of Teak wood :-

    • Aesthetic Appeal : Furniture made out of teak wood has an attractive looking straight grain pattern. It is smooth to touch and has a rich brown color after polishing in comparison to furniture made out of plywood or particle boards.

    • Durability : Teak wood furniture can last for up to many years, some have not perished for as long as 200 years. Besides, teak wood doesn't get damaged while shifting places because of water.

    • Resistant to rot and decay : Furniture made of teak wood is durable and does not rot because of its high density. Good wood furniture should stay in proper shape for a long time.

    Teak's high tensile strength and tight grain make it weather resistant and durable. It is used in the manufacture of outdoor furniture and boats. It is also used in indoor finishing's, indoor flooring and for making countertops.

    Rosewood : Dalbergia latifolia is tough and very close-grained. It maintains its shape and is available in large sizes which can be used to make ornamental carvings and to create cabinets. It is found in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Orissa.

    Advantages of Rosewood : -

    • Hard and Tough : They have high crushing and bending strengths offering good stability to the furniture carved out of it. Among the different types of woods available in the country, rosewood is considered the most attractive.

    • Attractive Wood Grain : The beautiful grain appearance has led to the creation of many musical instruments and decorative items.

    Varied Uses :-

    Furniture and cabinets are often constructed out of hardwood like Rosewood. Many mathematical instruments such as rulers and musical instruments such as violins are carved out or rosewood because of its beautiful outward appearance.

    Rosewood is used in making kitchen and bedroom cabinets, dining sets, musical instruments, and carvings because of its sturdiness and beauty.

    Satin wood or Chloroxylon swietenia is very robust and durable. Its high gloss finish makes it very attractive. It is found in central and southern India. It is robust and durable. Its high gloss finish makes it very attractive. It is found in central and southern India.

    Advantages of Satinwood :-

    • Easy to care : Satinwood gives flawless finish which hides minor imperfections. It is a good choice for laying floors as it will not need everyday cleaning. As opposed to other different types of wood, this is mainly used to make flooring.

    • Little Maintenance : It asks for regular polishing but does not need daily maintenance. The polished surfaces stay beautiful for a long time.

    • Durability : It is durable and gives the desired look or finish with a polish of choice. Satinwood is used to manufacture decorative pieces and furniture.

    Sal Wood : 

    Sal Wood or Shorea robusta is primarily found in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh. The tensile strength and durability make it a popular choice for making musical instruments and flooring. It is primarily found in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh. The tensile strength and durability make it a popular choice for making musical instruments and flooring.

    Advantages of Sal wood :-

    • Durable : It is the most durable type of timber making it a popular choice for constructing furniture, wooden beams, and wooden frames.

    • Immune to Decay : It is resistant to the attack of fungus, white ants and insects.

    • Strength : Its strength makes it an ideal choice for providing strength and support. Sal wood is used to make doors, piles, and wooden frames. It is also useful in making small pieces of furniture.

    Sisso or Sheesham' or 'Tali' (Dalbergia Sisoo):

    SissoIt (Dalbergia sissoo) is called 'Shishamand also 'Tali' in some regions of the country. It is durable and can be easily seasoned. It takes up the rich polish. It is found in Bengal, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Orissa.

    Advantages of Sisoo wood :-

    • Strength : Sisoo is strong and durable.

    • Good finish : Out of the different types of wood, Sisoo takes up polish very well, therefore, giving a good sheen to the furniture and flooring.

    • Good look : Furniture or flooring made of Sisoo look attractive, thus making it a valuable investment for your home.

    It can be shaped well to make decorative pieces of furniture. It is used to make railway sleepers and sports goods as well.


    Marandi Wood or White Cedar (Melia Azederach):

    Marandi Wood (Melia Azederach) or White Cedar timber, is resistant to decay and termites. It can be shaped to make wooden accessories. It is mostly imported from Malaysia and is lighter than other types of wood. It is resistant to decay and termites. It can be shaped to make wooden accessories. It is mostly imported from Malaysia and is lighter than other types of wood.

    Advantages of Marandi wood :-

    • Decay resistant : It is impervious to termites, decay and insects.

    • Good texture : It is light, soft and uniform in texture.

    • Beauty : Among the different types of wood, Marandi requires less maintenance and its aesthetic appeal is high especially when it is

    Marandi wood is used to create wooden accessories like shoe racks, chests, drawers, trunks, and other decorative items.


    Mahogany (Swietenia Macrophylla):

    Mahagony even stays durable underwater and takes up a deep color after polishing. It is found in Bengal, Assam, and Kerala.

    Advantages of Mahogany :-

    • Glossy Finish : Its pores absorb paint so well that it gives an elegant glossy finish that makes it a perfect choice for making furniture.

    • Durability : It doesn't decay under water.

    • Finesse : It is the finest wood, therefore, can be sculpted easily.

    Mahogany is used to make cabinets, furniture, and patterns in decorative pieces of art.


    Mulberry Wood  (Morus alba) :

    Mulberry wood or Morus alba, gives a neat finish and can be carved easily to make floors and ornate pieces of furniture and decoration. It gives a neat finish and can be carved easily to make floors and ornate pieces of furniture and decoration.

    Advantages of Mulberry :-

    • Strength : It is tough and elastic.

    • Clean finish : It makes attractive pieces of furniture because of its aesthetic appeal. Its color range is broad in comparison to other types of wood, which can be used to give a desirable finish.

    • Can be easily carved : It can be easily worked with and makes ornate pieces of furniture and functional objects like drawers and cabinets.

    Mulberry can be used to make small pieces of furniture, turned objects and fence posts.


    Deodar (Cedrus deodara) also called Pine wood :

    building material, Deodar (Cedrus deodara) is very sturdy, rot-resistant, close-grained and can take up the deep polish to give a good finish. It is found in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

    Advantages of Deodar :-

    • Durable : It is long-lasting and sturdy and a fine wood.

    • Rot Resistant : Deodar is immune to decay by water and insects, giving it a long shelf life.

    • Absorbs High Polish : It absorbs color in varying degrees which makes it useful in making ornate objects and furniture.

    In olden times, it was used to construct religious temples and landscaping. It is used to make railway carriages, railway sleepers, packing boxes and furniture.


    Jackwood or Kathal Ki Lakdi (Artocarpus heterophyllu)

    Jackwood is compact, finely grained and easy to work with. It is found in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra.

    Advantages of Jackwood :-

    • Even Grained : It is even grained which gives it a good finish.

    • Easy to work with : It can be easily carved and designed to create furniture and other articles.

    • Aesthetic Appeal : The beauty of the wood makes it a popular choice for making musical instruments and aesthetically appealing objects.

    Jackwood is used to make furniture, door panels, cabinets and musical instruments.

    These are the different types of wood in India used for crafting furniture. As with the woods available in the market today, there also various synthetic alternatives are available nowadays to make furniture but Indian households still prefer solid wood furniture because of their durability and reparability. These advantages of wood make it a popular choice over man-made alternatives of wood. Since Indians prefer furniture and decorative objects with intricate carvings, wood is preferred and certain types of wood like teak ( Sagwan wood ) are popular choices.





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    The importance of movable furnishings in interior design is undeniable. Whether it’s the royal place or your small hallway the furniture matters a lot, in fact, a defining aspect which can make or break a space overall appeal. This is why we observe, today homeowners around the globe are ready to shell out big money for furnishing. And, on such product in the market, which has also become the top pick, teak furniture. Besides from being the most robust furniture variety, the teak often lends a stroke of class and elegance to the whole space with its marvelously visual beauty. Here, we talk about the benefit of the teak made furniture, so, roll down and take a tour:

    1.    Excellent Durability

    The first and foremost advantage of the teak wood furniture to other options in the market is its excellent durability, which makes it a perfect buy for both outdoor and indoor furniture. The natural wood is always tough to handle rough daily use inside your house, and extreme weather conditions outside on your patio. What’s more, you can put heavy things on it, and unlike any other furniture it won’t break down. And, it experience deterioration, will stay in its original looks for many years to come by.

    1.    Easy to Clean

    With the recent finishing of the teak wood furniture, it is now easy to clean regularly. All you require is a wet and dry duster to remove the food marks. However, if the strain is severe, you can make use of breaking soda or use a quality cleaning product available on the market.

    1.    Reliable Strength Guaranteed

    Teak furniture has no match in terms of strength, even if your relatives come to your residence and the kids jump over the furniture, this furniture type is robust enough to withstand such rigorous use.  

    1.    Less Maintenance Required

    Being robust and has greater strength, the teak wood furniture repairing will not add to your monthly budget. Only after many years of use, it will hardly require refinishing or any small issues.

    1.    Beautiful Looking Appeal

     One of the advantages of the teak wood furniture, which is often overlooked is the aesthetic appeal, it scores high on this front. This furniture type gives a natural looking appeal to different interiors. So, can be placed just about everywhere, be it your home, office, or backyard space. Today, the colour and texture options available in the market are great; you can select that go well with space.

    1.    Eco-friendly Option

    Since the teak wood furniture is made out of natural resources, there is an eco-friendly buy. So, by selecting this furniture category over other, you can contribute to the good health of your environment.

    From the above, you probably got reasons to add teak furniture to your space, even if you to spend some extra dollars. However, you got to be very sure that your furniture manufacturer has used premium quality teak, for this, you can seek the help of an interior decorator.

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  • Teak Shower Bench for your Home or Spa

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    We have the expertise and experience in making of teak shower benches, teak shower seats and teak shower chairs. Timbercraft Teak Shower Bench is made from high quality reclaimed legal teakwood. We made it double strong to handle more than 120 kgs of weight.

    Reclaimed Teak Shower Bench after 5 years of use

    Teak Shower Bench for your Home or Spa

    Teak Shower Bench for your Home or Spa
    You will not find a better shower bench than a teak shower bench, as one of the best woods for indoor teak furniture out there is teakwood. It is highly resistant to moisture, and insects that enjoy eating wood, therefore it makes it a very good choice for outdoor indoor teak furniture. It is also well known to hold up well under extreme environmental conditions.

    Because of its well-known resistance capabilities to the elements, such as rain, cold and heat, it is one of the most sought-after Woods for outdoor indoor teak furniture as well as indoor teak furniture for your shower room.

    Any type of normal wood would fall apart or start deteriorating after being exposed to the elements for a while, but not teak. Teakwood is one of the only known woods that can hold up well under constant wetness and humidity.
    If you are looking for a shower bench for your bathroom, then you will not find a better one than a reclaimed teak shower bench. Not only are these extremely resistant to humidity, but they are also elegant and luxurious.

    These shower benches can either be used as a place to sit outside of your bath, or they can be used in the shower itself as a place to sit and relax underneath a nice hot shower. It is easy to see why these are a sought-after piece of bathroom indoor teak furniture.

    There are many different types of shower benches out there, ones made out of metal and plastic, but as far as safety and lasting goes you won’t find better than teak. When you’re sitting down in the shower, it would be much better to have the feel of nice smooth wood rather than the feel of metal or cold plastic.
    Metal and plastic are also a lot more slippery than the surface of a teak shower bench, which can bring up issues of safety. There are other types of wooden benches out there for your shower as well, but you’ll notice over time that these cheaper woods will have a tendency to start growing old and deteriorating, and they will also not hold their shape like teak.

    You will not find another type of wooden indoor teak furniture that is going to hold up as well as teak in your bathroom conditions. Because of the well-known strength and durability, as well as the quality of the wood, these are not cheap shower benches.

    They can be regarded as a rather expensive item. The higher prices of teak are because the availability of it is pretty low. In India, we use eco-friendly reclaimed teak procured from old buildings.

    As more and more people would like to have this type of indoor teak furniture in their households and bathrooms, it simply becomes harder to get which drives up the price. Even with the high prices of this indoor teak furniture though it is a worthwhile investment, as an investment in a teak shower bench will last you many years. You don’t have to go out and pay a high price for one of these quality teak shower benches though, as you can often find great deals on Timber craft Teak Furniture Factory




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  • Everything About Wooden Bedroom Furniture

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    Have you shifted to a new house and would like your master bedroom to stand out? Well, you might have so many options to choose from. But we will help you make a choice you won’t regret. When shopping for furniture, we are looking for something long-lasting and as well as classy. The trend has been shifted towards wooden bedroom furniture. There are various types of woods to choose from, namely, plywood, fiberboard and solid wood. Among these three, solid wood is the best option to go for due to several reasons. Benefits of using solid wood bedroom furniture are as follows.


    Aesthetics & Pleasing Look

    Whether you have built a modern house or and old school style, solid wood bedroom furniture will complement all kinds of styles. The solid wood can embrace the design elements, form sharp or smooth lines on flat or curved surfaces to make the furniture aesthetically pleasing.

    Brown colour and the rough texture will surely give a naturally attractive look. The next time someone walks into your room, they surely won’t leave soon due to the overall comfortable and beautiful ambience.


    High-Quality & Long-Lasting

    If you’re spending money on furniture, you would surely be looking for something that is high quality and won’t just wither away in no time. Solid wooden bedroom furniture especially teak wood bedroom furniture will surely stay as long as you can imagine. The solid wooden furniture uses construction techniques such as tenon, tongue and groove and dowels etc. Which eliminate the appearance of nails, screws and glue on the furniture.

    Due to the high-quality construction, the wooden bedroom furniture will last for centuries. On the other hand, if you ever plan to give your room a new look, the same solid wood can be recycled to build new furniture. This will not only save money but also give your old furniture an amazing new look.


    Eco-Friendly & Economical

    You might be wondering how can buying wooden bedroom furniture can be environment-friendly? Here’s how, as mentioned before. The solid wood can be recycled, you can buy an old piece of furniture and give it your customized new look. In addition to that, the solid wood furniture is made out of sustainably harvested wood. Which helps keep the wildlife habitat safe. Also, when you’re buying durable solid wood furniture, you won’t have to change it now and then. As a result, this helps to keep out unnecessary waste from the landfills.

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  • Reclaimed Teak Wood Bathroom Vanities In India

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    Even though MDF or medium-density fiberboard appears economical solutions for kitchen or bathroom cabinet, when it comes to the question of durability, especially as you consider them to use in humid bathroom atmosphere, they're most likely to contract, swell or deform in due course. Even though, marketers claim them highly enduring, however, the fact file shows that millions of homeowners are disappointed concerning the performance of MDF, so long they're used as a bathroom vanity.

    Instead, think of investing in reclaimed teak wood bathroom vanity that makes you feel warm and welcoming with its timeless natural look, unrivaled beauty, and ease of customization. Make sure that the solid wood vanity that you buy is made from most durable hardwood that is collected from wooden materials like oak, pine, maple, and cherry. Remarkably, buyers today are more inclined to procure reclaimed wood vanities that are nothing but highly seasoned hardwood collected with due care and come with their unique knots, imperfections and holes creating them natural, stunning, and antique collection for your bath space.

    Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity Pros


    The solid wood bathroom vanity is engineered with wood pieces gathered from old barn houses, warehouses, beams of dilapidated houses, railroad ties, etc. The highly weather-beaten woods are less vulnerable to shrink or deform in a common wet bathroom setting. They've fully dried out species and already 'aged' to sustain any kind of extreme climatic condition.

    Visual Appeal

    With their background and age, you may find solid wood bathroom vanity online that characterizes differently not only among their models but also in each piece of woods used in a particular vanity. The visual of natural wear marks, nail splits, and deep texture of vanity sections are carefully kept as it is without using any toxic solutions for makeup usually done in the finishing of furniture. The marks on cabinet doors, storage unit closers or the top make the end product a distinct work of art.

    Exotic and Rare

    With recycled wood, you can experience the inimitability of rare, exotic, and history-driven vanity collection. While these woods are collected in huge and odd sizes due to the nature of the source, expert technicians of solid wood bathroom vanity disassemble and separate every part, cut them down in ideal sizes as per the necessity and use only harmless adhesive wherever necessary.


    Working with specialist companies come in handy since you enjoy the scope of making your vanity customized as per the layout of your bathroom. While you can explore the varieties online, it is not mandatory to buy vanities off-the-rack out. Call the experts at your home and let them take necessary measurements and suggest you for fitting wood vanity considering the available space of your bath.


    Whether you go for new generation MDF or high-class plywood, as you cannot reach the level of hardness that you get out of reclaimed solid wood bathroom vanity, given that they're salvaged class of woods, you can get your priceless collection at a budget-oriented price too.

    Timbercraft Hyderabad store manufacture and sell rustic and reclaimed teak furniture such as bathroom vanities, cabinets, black bar stools, unique wooden bar stools, short bar stools, beds, dressers, armoires, coffee tables, and more. 

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