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Styles of wooden furniture

by Venkata Nischala G 16 Jan 2021 1 comment

Styles of wooden furniture :

Human civilization is developing rapidly. Scientific and technological progress has led to the fact that over the past few decades, our life has changed beyond recognition. But there is something that will be in demand and always appreciated. A tree is a resource, a full replacement of which is impossible to imagine. No artificial materials can compare with the properties of this great gift of nature. Furniture made of wood cannot go out of fashion. Its use is not a rollback to the past, but, on the contrary, a step into the future, where, of course, everything connected with the environment will be a priority.

Advantages of wooden furniture:
Natural and environmentally friendly material.
Reliability and resistance to damage.
Functionality and practicality.
Presentable appearance.
Combination with a wide variety of interior styles.
Easy to manufacture and repair.
Ability to use outdoors with proper handling.
Sometimes there is a misconception that wooden furniture is only suitable for traditional types of interior. This is far from the case. Designers know many styles in the design of a living or working space, where wooden furniture will be either the main highlight of the interior, or its harmonious complement. And with the help of modern technologies from wood, you can get many options for shape and color. Let’s dwell on the most interesting styles in which wooden furniture is made today, starting, of course, with unforgettable classics.

Classic style
Classic wooden furniture is very respectable and always in the spotlight. As a rule, this is massive and majestic furniture made of precious wood, such as oak, cedar, walnut, larch, cherry, etc. It can be accompanied by various decorative details that give a special refinement. Classic furniture is usually made in shades of brown. It is believed that the darker the better. The good old classics are always in demand and respect. But it is preferable to select such furniture for rooms with a large area and good lighting.

This furniture looks great in spacious living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, as well as in offices and halls, designed for all kinds of meetings. Each self-respecting leader seeks to furnish his workplace with wooden furniture in a classic style. Depending on the interior, the functional features of the room, as well as your income, classic furniture can be made in the styles of past eras: baroque, rococo, gothic or empire.

Noble wood furniture is rarely cheap. However, you can always choose more affordable options if you opt for more modest decisions. Laconic versions of the classics, made in strict forms, can have a more affordable price than furniture decorated with fine carvings and having gilded elements. If the budget allows, you can furnish your home or work interior from furniture purchased in an antique store – it can create incredible charm and emphasize your high status.

This is the so-called rustic style, which is most suitable for private houses and country cottages located in places with close proximity to nature. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a spacious mansion or in a small country house: the country style will give your home an unusual cosiness. It is believed that only kitchens can be furnished in a similar style. But designers have long dispelled this misconception. Today, in the rustic style, you can successfully perform the interior of any residential premises. In addition, this style may vary depending on the national traditions of the country in which you live.

Country style is characterized by maximum naturalness and simplicity, sharp lines, lack of pretentiousness and luxury, natural colors. Such furniture is purposely performed in rough, devoid of roundness forms, practically without any kind of processing. Sometimes country-style furniture is specially “spoiled” in order to artificially age it, to make it look shabby, worn-out. Usually this style involves the absence of painting, although the furniture can be painted. Most often these are dark tones, mostly brown. Sometimes several shades are used.

Eco style
The style is somewhat similar to country. Its distinctive feature also consists in maximum proximity to nature and environmental friendliness, which corresponds to the very name of the style. But, unlike country, eco-furniture is usually made in more sophisticated and flowing forms. She looks light and elegant. If in the country style dark colors can be used, then light colors are characteristic for eco. This furniture is usually not painted, but can be impregnated with special natural means, as well as polished. Upholstered furniture in eco-style is sheathed only with natural light materials made of cotton and linen.

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1 comment

20 Mar 2022 MR. Amardeep Singh Kooner

Wonderful Info. Thanks for sharing such useful info with us.

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