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Built-in wooden furniture in the house

by Bharadwaj Satish 16 May 2020 0 Comments

Built-in wooden furniture in the house

The way the image of a country house or apartment changes with the advent of built-in wooden furniture is simply amazing. The charm of tradition, a sense of stability, classic notes and just the warmth of your home appear out of nowhere.

Built-in wooden furniture is usually a handmade item. In the India, for example, there is a whole style in interior design – arts & crafts, which is based on using woodwork in the design of your own cottage to the maximum.

Thus, even now, built-in wooden furniture is popular. In luxury residences, small bungalows and beach houses, it helps the new architecture maintain a sense of tradition.

Built-in wooden furniture is suitable for both small and large rooms, but in different formats and variations. In this case, the thickness of the shelves is very important (usually it is about 2-3 cm, but it can be less and more) and the color of the module itself. The smaller and lighter the module, the smaller the space it can be used

Built-in furniture can be minimalistic, overly traditional or have the most popular look – be made in the style of a transitional. This style is a transition between classic and modern, luxury and simple lines and therefore enjoys special love in modern cottages.

Built-in wooden furniture can be not only beautiful, but also especially useful in organizing space. Small niches can be occupied by bookshelves, large ones with additional dressing rooms, and thanks to the delicate work of the wizard, any storage module will look stylish and modern.

Built-in wooden furniture in the India is popular for the interior of every room in a home. In the bedrooms there are built-in wardrobes for storing clothes and small shelves for small items by the bed, in the laundry room there are modules for a washing and drying machine, a module with an ironing board and another one for sorting clothes. In the kitchen, built-in wooden furniture is sometimes the only one – in an Indian house, this type of headset was especially popular during the heyday of buying homes from delivery catalogs (prefabricated frame), where the kitchen was already complete.

If you dream of beautiful built-in wooden furniture in the house, you are probably thinking about book racks – creating your own library at home can be a very exciting experience! In any corner on the planet you can find real wood masters who will be happy to complete any of your sketch or idea, taking measurements and choosing the right wood species with you.

The built-in wooden furniture is very durable, in the India it could live a whole history with the cottage (100-150 years) and be resold again to a new family with the house. Often such furniture was restored, if possible, and continued to work for the benefit of the new generation.

Built-in furniture made of wood is not only beautiful, but also functional, since it helps in organizing the space. Large niches are ideal for dressing rooms, in small ones you can put books, accessories and useful little things. And also this furniture is suitable for any room of the house: bedroom, kitchen, laundry, living room, library.

Built-in furniture made of natural wood changes any interior literally beyond recognition. It appears notes of tradition, warmth and comfort.

As a rule, built-in wooden furniture is made by hand and on order. There is even an original “arts-crafts” style of interior based on such furniture and corresponding decoration. It will look great both in luxury apartments and in small bungalows on the beach. Suitable for both spacious and small rooms – by itself, in different variations and shades.

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