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  • For what reason can an antique bed be viewed as a deal?

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    Wooden Antique Bed 

    Today, an antique bed is a very fashionable piece of modern furniture for housing. Such furniture is made of solid pine with the use of the aging effect. An antique bed helps to decorate the house in an old-fashioned interior and becomes a wonderful and favorite place for a night’s rest.

    However, despite all the respectability and solidity of such models, there is an opinion that to buy an antique bed means to get an economical purchase. Let’s find out why the experience of many people testifies to this. So, buying an antique bed is beneficial for the following reasons:

    1. Beautiful. As you know, true beauty is expensive. And when buying an antique bed, you get really beautiful furniture that does not become boring over time, but becomes only relatives and closer. Thus, it is better to buy a bed that never goes out of style than changing beds after a regular season after a few seasons, and as a good wine it only gets nicer over the years.

    2. The original. When ordering an antique wooden bed, you get original furniture made of solid wood, which will be the embodiment of the individuality of style and character of homeowners. If you find out the prices on the market for exclusive furniture, then the cost of antique wooden beds will be at a level much lower than the average cost of quality work of authorship.

    3. Long-lasting. Antique wooden beds will surely pay off over time, as they are strong and durable in structure. As a rule, such a wooden bed, thanks to a special processing method, will last several times longer than ordinary furniture. It will not crumble over time and will not bubble out from moisture or heat. The legs of such a bed do not buckle, like fragile twigs, because such beds are made of solid wood and in good conscience.

    4. Intact. An antique bed made of wood is difficult to disable. This effect is achieved mainly due to the fact that when it is created from the array, soft fibers are selected, which are usually damaged in the first place. Secondly, even if such a bed was scratched or chipped, it is either completely invisible or easily fixable. It is enough to buy an inexpensive stain of the desired color and hold a bone over the affected surface. And the chips need to be sanded with a fine skin and that’s it – the antique bed is like new!

    5. Environmentally friendly. As you know, health is never superfluous. Therefore, an old-fashioned wooden bed made of natural wood, without the use of resins and phenol-formaldehydes, will not cause any allergies or other diseases associated with chemistry.

    Beds – from ancient times to the present day

    What was the ancient bed like? Strictly speaking, only a person with a good imagination can call it that. The most ancient bed prototypes found by archaeologists during excavations were more like a large trough. They slept in such a “trough” by companies of several people. Wildly? By the standards of those times – it’s quite normal. There were almost no personal beds in ancient times. And if they were, they were intended for the pharaohs, kings, kings and other monarchs and the elite. People slept easier on multi-seat beds. In ancient Egypt, there were benches for sleeping – almost copies of our usual beds. Such luxurious furniture was among persons who occupied a very high position – among the pharaohs and members of their families. Ordinary Egyptians were content with elevations from stones and boards, or even mattresses with hay and leaves. The most interesting thing is that the bench beds of the pharaohs, although they had a headboard and four legs, were not horizontal. The head of the bench rose slightly above the legs. Thus, the beds were slanted, and the royal people slept as if at an angle.

    In ancient Rome, the bed for sleep and rest was of great importance. It was made of bronze and decorated with various ornaments. At the same time, the Romans reclined on their beds not only at night, but also during the day, during the meal. In Byzantium, mostly women were sleeping on beds. And in Ancient China there were the most luxurious beds – with their own heating. And this is not surprising, because in the 7th-9th centuries, China was one of the advanced states of that time.

    In the houses of the Scandinavians there were both special benches for sleeping and full beds. The owners of the house slept on the benches, and the beds were intended for guests. Some rich houses also had separate sleeping quarters. There were beds on which again the guests slept – the owners felt quite comfortable on the benches.

    A separate sleeping room in many countries appeared only in the Middle Ages. Prior to that, they were accommodated for the night where they had to, in the cold season – closer to the fire. Other than that, there were no preferences.

    In Europe, the bed in the modern sense appeared in the XV century. Before that, they slept on the floor, benches, beds, laying straw or skins. However, sleeping on the ground or stones was not so warm and comfortable.

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  • The advantages of solid wood beds, why they are so popular ?

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    The advantages of solid wood beds, why they are so popular ?

    An array of wood is wood that has undergone special processing, turning into timber and planks. The array is divided into 2 varieties:

    solid – furniture items are made from a single piece of wood;
    glued – for the manufacture of this type pieces of wood of excellent quality are used, but having very small errors (knots, chips). The wood is divided into lamellas with the removal of places with defects, and then glued together.
    The color of the wood can be white, gray, light brown, reddish, chocolate, dark and almost black. Technologies allow you to change the colors of natural wood. Wooden models are made in various styles (loft, modern), antique wood beds look especially good.

    Natural wood beds have many undeniable advantages:

    flawless appearance. Beds made of natural material look elegant, elegant, expensive;
    ecological purity and naturalness. Wood does not require additional processing, so there are no harmful substances that adversely affect people’s health. Moreover, there are tree species that produce healing essential oils that have a beneficial effect on humans and create a special microclimate in the room;
    strength and durability. Items are characterized by a long service life compared to products from fiberboard or particleboard;
    lack of creaking and loosening. Numerous installation and dismantling is allowed without negative consequences;
    resistance to mechanical damage (scratches, chips). Therefore, even with prolonged use, the product will retain its original appearance;
    creating a cozy, comfortable, warm atmosphere in the room.
    Unfortunately, such valuable material also has some disadvantages:

    high cost – wooden beds made of solid wood have a price that is several times higher than the cost of similar items from other materials. This is explained by the complexity of processing the material;
    heavy weight – very bulky products, unlike similar ones made of plywood. Since the mass is large, their installation on poorly fortified floors should be avoided;
    exactingness to conditions in the room. Since temperature changes and a high degree of humidity negatively affect the wood, cracks can form on the wood over time. In addition, the bright rays of the sun contribute to the burnout of products.
    Before you get a bed, you need to clarify what kind of wood it is made of. Knowing the properties of raw materials, one can easily determine for what conditions it is suitable. In addition, you need to inspect the product well for knots, chips, cracks.

    The wood material used for the manufacture of furniture is divided into two varieties: hard varieties and soft ones. Hard wood is the most durable and lasts much longer than soft. An ignorant person will never distinguish these categories from each other, since outwardly they are exactly the same. For the production of beds, wood of the following species is used:

    pine – this material belongs to the soft varieties. Pine has many useful properties: it calms, heals, has an antibacterial effect. The breed is very strong, moisture resistant due to the large number of natural resins, it is not susceptible to insects and rodents. The very first pine began to be used for making beds;
    oak – oak furniture has always been a classic. The beds made of this wood are massive and presentable. Oak is a solid variety of wood and has a heavy weight. The huge advantage of oak furniture is its strength, durability, resistance to decay and protection against insects, due to the unusual composition of the material itself;
    beech – refers to the solid appearance, has the same characteristics as oak, but slightly inferior to them. The bed from the massif of a beech has a presentable beautiful look, serves a long time. In addition, beech furniture has high resistance to various kinds of damage;
    alder – this material is soft. Most often, alder is used to perform not the whole frame, but individual parts of the product. An array is very easy to process;
    hevea – this species is red wood, so its cost is very high. The obvious advantages of wood are increased moisture resistance, long life, resistance to large temperature differences, high strength. In addition, hevea does not cause allergic reactions, does not absorb any odors. The only drawback is the very high price;
    ash – products made from ash have high strength, durability, stability, safety, look presentable and stylish. The characteristics of ash wood are similar to those of beech or oak, but its cost is much lower.

    Teak wood : Teak is the king of all the commercially available timbers for its strength, beauty and durability. Contact https://timbercraft.in/pages/contact-us for custom made teak wood furniture.

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  • Styles of wooden furniture

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    Styles of wooden furniture :

    Human civilization is developing rapidly. Scientific and technological progress has led to the fact that over the past few decades, our life has changed beyond recognition. But there is something that will be in demand and always appreciated. A tree is a resource, a full replacement of which is impossible to imagine. No artificial materials can compare with the properties of this great gift of nature. Furniture made of wood cannot go out of fashion. Its use is not a rollback to the past, but, on the contrary, a step into the future, where, of course, everything connected with the environment will be a priority.

    Advantages of wooden furniture:
    Natural and environmentally friendly material.
    Reliability and resistance to damage.
    Functionality and practicality.
    Presentable appearance.
    Combination with a wide variety of interior styles.
    Easy to manufacture and repair.
    Ability to use outdoors with proper handling.
    Sometimes there is a misconception that wooden furniture is only suitable for traditional types of interior. This is far from the case. Designers know many styles in the design of a living or working space, where wooden furniture will be either the main highlight of the interior, or its harmonious complement. And with the help of modern technologies from wood, you can get many options for shape and color. Let’s dwell on the most interesting styles in which wooden furniture is made today, starting, of course, with unforgettable classics.

    Classic style
    Classic wooden furniture is very respectable and always in the spotlight. As a rule, this is massive and majestic furniture made of precious wood, such as oak, cedar, walnut, larch, cherry, etc. It can be accompanied by various decorative details that give a special refinement. Classic furniture is usually made in shades of brown. It is believed that the darker the better. The good old classics are always in demand and respect. But it is preferable to select such furniture for rooms with a large area and good lighting.

    This furniture looks great in spacious living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, as well as in offices and halls, designed for all kinds of meetings. Each self-respecting leader seeks to furnish his workplace with wooden furniture in a classic style. Depending on the interior, the functional features of the room, as well as your income, classic furniture can be made in the styles of past eras: baroque, rococo, gothic or empire.

    Noble wood furniture is rarely cheap. However, you can always choose more affordable options if you opt for more modest decisions. Laconic versions of the classics, made in strict forms, can have a more affordable price than furniture decorated with fine carvings and having gilded elements. If the budget allows, you can furnish your home or work interior from furniture purchased in an antique store – it can create incredible charm and emphasize your high status.

    This is the so-called rustic style, which is most suitable for private houses and country cottages located in places with close proximity to nature. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a spacious mansion or in a small country house: the country style will give your home an unusual cosiness. It is believed that only kitchens can be furnished in a similar style. But designers have long dispelled this misconception. Today, in the rustic style, you can successfully perform the interior of any residential premises. In addition, this style may vary depending on the national traditions of the country in which you live.

    Country style is characterized by maximum naturalness and simplicity, sharp lines, lack of pretentiousness and luxury, natural colors. Such furniture is purposely performed in rough, devoid of roundness forms, practically without any kind of processing. Sometimes country-style furniture is specially “spoiled” in order to artificially age it, to make it look shabby, worn-out. Usually this style involves the absence of painting, although the furniture can be painted. Most often these are dark tones, mostly brown. Sometimes several shades are used.

    Eco style
    The style is somewhat similar to country. Its distinctive feature also consists in maximum proximity to nature and environmental friendliness, which corresponds to the very name of the style. But, unlike country, eco-furniture is usually made in more sophisticated and flowing forms. She looks light and elegant. If in the country style dark colors can be used, then light colors are characteristic for eco. This furniture is usually not painted, but can be impregnated with special natural means, as well as polished. Upholstered furniture in eco-style is sheathed only with natural light materials made of cotton and linen.

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  • Why Wooden Bed Frames

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    Why Wooden Bed Frames ?

    Despite the variety of modern production technologies, for each of us, the strength, environmental friendliness and aesthetics of things that fill our personal space are very important. For these reasons, for example, many prefer wooden frames to plastic windows, although the former seem to be much more convenient. A bed is not just a very important part of the interior, it is a place where a person spends, according to scientists, about twenty of his sixty years of life. Therefore, it is important that the bed is comfortable, pleasant to look at, and that the material from which it is made does not pose a threat to our health.

    Wooden beds were very common in past eras. Probably not by chance – perhaps you should trust the choice of our ancestors. It is no coincidence that such beds are again becoming more and more popular, along with other furniture made of wood. In addition to the fact that they bring something classic into the interior, they represent the very combination of style, quality and environmental cleanliness that every person highly values ​​when choosing furniture.

    There are beds made entirely of solid wood, and there are those that combine in their composition a wooden base and elements of particle board. This slab is also a wood product, so such beds are still considered wooden. But their price is slightly lower than the price of the first variety (those made of pure wood), respectively, they are more common and more accessible to a wide range of buyers.

    What should ideally be a wooden bed – an individual question. The choice in our time is very wide. Much depends on the general aesthetic concept of the room in which the bed is located. For example, for hotel rooms, wooden beds with high backs decorated with an original pattern are perfect. It can be both single and double beds. It is important that the color of the bed is in harmony with the general color scheme in which the hotel room is decorated.

    In a situation where a room in a living room combines both a living room and a bedroom, it is especially important to consider not only the practical, but also the aesthetic function of the bed. The most harmonious decision will be if the wooden bed fits into the overall interior and is combined with other wooden pieces of furniture. This will create a cozy atmosphere in which classic traditions are combined with modern design.

    There are various types of wooden beds designed for children’s rooms. These beds are characterized by comfort, stability and durability. If the family has two children, then you can choose a bed with a second tier, for the rise of which is attached a special staircase. Also, the design of modern wooden beds for children often provides drawers for linen, which is also very convenient. Some designs include protective skirts that will help prevent a child from falling in a dream.

    So, with a wide selection of wooden beds and a variety of types, you can choose the model that combines with the environment, reflects aesthetic preferences and is convenient, practical and of high quality.

    Styles of Wooden Beds

    A wooden bed is not purchased for one year, so you should approach the purchase wisely. The life of the bed will depend on the level of daily wear and the quality of the bed. Consider the manufacturer of the bed and the type of wood it is made of. On sale you can find wooden beds of classic, modern and old-style beds in the Provence style, beds in the Country style, beds in the old Russian style, etc.

    Four-Post Bed

    The advantage of such a bed is that it is already equipped with columns in the corners to strengthen the canopy or canopy, which will become an interesting detail of the bedroom interior. But you can do without a canopy, and even remove the columns if necessary. This style of bed is considered antique. Beds with four columns first appeared in the 16th century. in France and in England. You can give the bed a unique character by covering the tree with a colored stain or decorating the posts.

    Sleigh bed

    Such a bed has a decoratively curved headboard and footboard, so that its shape resembles a beautiful sleigh. It is made more often from dark wood or from light, covered with dark stain. This type of bed was first introduced to customers in the early 19th century. This classic-style bed can be slightly upgraded. One option is to replace the massive curved tree with thin rails. As a result, the bed will look light and transparent. However, many still prefer the classic variety.

    Pull-out bed

    This style of wooden beds is called so, because in addition to the visible berth in it there is another one, hidden at the base and put forward if necessary.

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  • Built-in wooden furniture in the house

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    Built-in wooden furniture in the house

    The way the image of a country house or apartment changes with the advent of built-in wooden furniture is simply amazing. The charm of tradition, a sense of stability, classic notes and just the warmth of your home appear out of nowhere.

    Built-in wooden furniture is usually a handmade item. In the India, for example, there is a whole style in interior design – arts & crafts, which is based on using woodwork in the design of your own cottage to the maximum.

    Thus, even now, built-in wooden furniture is popular. In luxury residences, small bungalows and beach houses, it helps the new architecture maintain a sense of tradition.

    Built-in wooden furniture is suitable for both small and large rooms, but in different formats and variations. In this case, the thickness of the shelves is very important (usually it is about 2-3 cm, but it can be less and more) and the color of the module itself. The smaller and lighter the module, the smaller the space it can be used

    Built-in furniture can be minimalistic, overly traditional or have the most popular look – be made in the style of a transitional. This style is a transition between classic and modern, luxury and simple lines and therefore enjoys special love in modern cottages.

    Built-in wooden furniture can be not only beautiful, but also especially useful in organizing space. Small niches can be occupied by bookshelves, large ones with additional dressing rooms, and thanks to the delicate work of the wizard, any storage module will look stylish and modern.

    Built-in wooden furniture in the India is popular for the interior of every room in a home. In the bedrooms there are built-in wardrobes for storing clothes and small shelves for small items by the bed, in the laundry room there are modules for a washing and drying machine, a module with an ironing board and another one for sorting clothes. In the kitchen, built-in wooden furniture is sometimes the only one – in an Indian house, this type of headset was especially popular during the heyday of buying homes from delivery catalogs (prefabricated frame), where the kitchen was already complete.

    If you dream of beautiful built-in wooden furniture in the house, you are probably thinking about book racks – creating your own library at home can be a very exciting experience! In any corner on the planet you can find real wood masters who will be happy to complete any of your sketch or idea, taking measurements and choosing the right wood species with you.

    The built-in wooden furniture is very durable, in the India it could live a whole history with the cottage (100-150 years) and be resold again to a new family with the house. Often such furniture was restored, if possible, and continued to work for the benefit of the new generation.

    Built-in furniture made of wood is not only beautiful, but also functional, since it helps in organizing the space. Large niches are ideal for dressing rooms, in small ones you can put books, accessories and useful little things. And also this furniture is suitable for any room of the house: bedroom, kitchen, laundry, living room, library.

    Built-in furniture made of natural wood changes any interior literally beyond recognition. It appears notes of tradition, warmth and comfort.

    As a rule, built-in wooden furniture is made by hand and on order. There is even an original “arts-crafts” style of interior based on such furniture and corresponding decoration. It will look great both in luxury apartments and in small bungalows on the beach. Suitable for both spacious and small rooms – by itself, in different variations and shades.

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